It’s our not-so-secret mission to get more women into SEO

Sisters In SEO is a professional development group for women, gender diverse people and gender nonconforming people in the search engine optimization space.

We are an inclusive, supportive and empowering space where we can work together to improve our knowledge and skills in SEO, grow our client bases, network with one another through sharing ideas, leads and strategies for successful search engine rankings (and life!).

Our members come from all over the world, and include some of the biggest names in the industry, including writers and editors at Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal, and more.

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11,500 members and growing – in numbers, skills, and impact on the industry.

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We’re not just making waves in the SERPS, were making waves in industry (and wider) outlets.



Named Sisters in SEO one of the top 1o best digital marketing Facebook groups


Search Engine Journal

Sisters in SEO is frequently mentioned in Search Engine Journal.


SEO Chatter

SEO Chatter named us one of the Best SEO Facebook groups to join!


CEO Blog Nation

We were named one of the BEST Resources for Women Entrepreneurs!


Have A Question?

Can Anyone Join?

No! We are exclusive to women and the gender diverse. There are so many spaces for men

Are you only on Facebook?

No – we are in your inbox – link here

But im a dude, how can i support you?

Give us money

How can I share a #JOBOPP?

How can I share a #JOBOPP?