SEO Jobs Report: Here’s What U.S. Employers Are Looking For

It’s a good time for a career in search, considering SEO jobs in the U.S. pay 7.5% higher than the average across industries.

That’s according to Nathan and his team over at Gotch SEO Academy, who studied 19,205 SEO jobs in the top 100 most populated US cities and shared the key insights they learned.

While their SEO Jobs Market in the USA (2024 Case Study) is just one look at a particular moment in time, I love these curated analyses. They pull us out of the day-to-day and give us a higher-level look at the industry. If you’re in the market for an SEO job in the U.S. – or even if you’d find it interesting to compare salaries and opportunities to those in your home country – you’ll want to read on.

In-House U.S. SEO Opportunities Trend Away from Remote

The SEO Jobs Market report found that just 9.7% of available SEO jobs they analyzed are remote.

Now, this only applies to employment scenarios and not agency gigs. However, it’s clear that those looking for the relative security and career trajectory of an in-house SEO position are far more likely to find one tied to a physical location than fully remote.

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You can use location filtering on LinkedIn to drill down to remote SEO jobs, or check out sites like Flexjobs that are dedicated to remote-first or remote-only work.

Most SEO Jobs Require a Bachelor’s Degree

While 94% of SEO jobs analyzed require a Bachelor’s degree or higher, there’s an unspoken reality here that many employers will consider applicants with what they feel is an equivalent level of practical experience.

Sisters in SEO, don’t let the prerequisites or desired qualifications talk you out of applying! If you have extensive experience in lieu of a formal education, say so. It helps to back these claims with a link to your portfolio, case studies that demonstrate results you’ve achieved, and a reference or two.

Mid-Level Jobs are Most Common

Of the 19,205 SEO jobs assessed, mid-level experience was most abundant. Again, don’t let it stop you from applying if you aren’t sure how to categorize your experience level.

Read the description carefully and remember, it’s a wishlist. They may not find a candidate with every single they’re asking for, and in that case, you want your name to be in there for consideration. They can’t make concessions around your experience if you were too discouraged or afraid to apply.

You may also be underestimating or undervaluing the experience you do have. Either way, let the recruiters and HR folks sort it out. If they have questions, they’ll ask.

Other Key SEO Job Findings

The SEO Jobs Market in the USA (2024 Case Study) also found that:

  • 68.4% of SEO jobs advertised were full-time, and 31.6% part-time.
  • New York is the best city for SEO jobs, with 475 opportunities and an average annual salary of $76,235.
  • On average, Fremont, CA, had the highest annual salary for SEO positions at $101,239.

Read more to get all the findings and dig into how SEO jobs pay in specific cities across the United States. SEOs in Bakersfield, CA… damn. 😬

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Source: The SEO Jobs Market in the USA (2024 Case Study) by Nathan Gotch

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